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Shared access allows the student to grant, up to 2 individuals, access to view their student information.  The student can limit the information that these other parties can view.

It's easy to set up:

A student registers a family member or guest to view their information, the family member or guest receives an email containing step-by-step instructions for activating shared access.

It's customizable:

Shared access allows a student to select categories of information that can be viewed by the family member or guest.  The student may grant the ability for a family member or guest to make a payment.

A student can change or completely remove access at any time.

It facilitates communication:

Shared access provides communication between the student and the family member or guest.  The page provides a view for the family member or guest to see the student's information.  This helps all parties stay connected with current information.

Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here to find commonly asked questions and instructions on how to set up and use Shared Access.

Additional Help

For help or technical assistance contact the ITS HelpDesk at 815-753-8100.